Wednesday, January 9, 2013

This is OUR Perfect

Part of my nighttime "thing" every night is to go one last time into my Meem's bedroom, tuck her back in, then blow her a kiss.  I've done it since she was an infant, and chances are I will do it until she moves out of the house.

Tonight - there was just an aura in that room.  There truly was.  I nudged the door open, snuck in as quiet as can be, and there she was - sleeping on her back so peacefully.  I gathered her sheet and blanket, tucked it in around her and blew her a kiss.  Tonight though was different.  I usually take care not to interrupt her sleep, I don't want to wake her and have her bouncing off the walls after having a good hour and half of sleep into her.  I couldn't help myself, she was the picture of perfection.  So I reached down and rubbed her head.  Aha!  She didn't move.  I wanted to cry, just being overwhelmed with love for my daughter.  That moment was PERFECT.  Until.....

RRRRRRRRRRRRIP!  Not once but 5 times.  Didn't move the entire time, snoring never stopped.  I had to leave quickly for fear of laughing too loud.  Just as I shut the door, one more little rip for safe measure.  Child can toot!

As quickly as this happened - I took something from this moment.  That nothing is ever "perfect," but if it is your moment, your memory, something you will never forget - then it is perfect for you.  I couldn't have asked for a better ending to that moment.  I know, that's a weird ending, but for me - it isn't.  She is funny when she's not even trying to be.  She's fast becoming my little comedian who can make me laugh at the drop of a hat.

And this is just the beginning...rips and all.


  1. LOL! She's definitely your child, Kate! :) Love this, love the message, and love you! ~Tara

  2. Ohhhhh, this has CRACKED ME UP! lol. Ho Dubbie's girl is a laugh a minute, even when she's not trying.

  3. Love you guys! She is such a mess. I absolutely LOVE that she is.


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