Thursday, March 28, 2013

Updates and Boob Reading

It's been a VERY long time since I have written - this is long for me.  I have had so many good stories come and go, but February was a winter whirlwind.

Zoey had a bout of obstructive sleep apnea - that has now been cured through adenoid and tonsil removal.  Thank GOODNESS my Momma could come down with me and stay the week - child went from kissing the tires on the SUV and hugging the paper towel holder to MONSTER.  I have the bruises to prove it.  Honestly.  All we can think of is that she is not going to handle anesthesia well at all.  Now we know.  And knowing is half of the 40-lbs-of fighter-kicking-and-punching-you-battle.  She will be joining MMA this May.  One of the other changes - her voice!  Since then it has gone up a few octaves I swear - it is PRECIOUS.  It's so much funnier hearing Mama I don't like to poop on the big potty now.  Before it sounded like Darth Vader telling me he didn't want to go.

Through it all, she's developing into quite the little lady.  She loves her "pwiwacy" (Privacy) down in her bedroom.  Her favorite thing to do down there?  Read.  She absolutely adores books - she is a girl after her entire family's heart.  This morning we were finished getting ready particularly early since she woke up at  4:45, so she asked to go to her bedroom for some pwiwacy.  I let her go down there, and automatically heard her grab a book, climb into the rocking chair and start reading aloud.  It was so sweet.  I had to take a peek to see what she was doing, how she was curled up in the chair, what she was reading, etc.  Once again the scene is just so calming, so serene.  This morning the book of choice is....

Breastfeeding the Natural Way.

Guess I forgot to take that one out of there.  Maybe it'll do her a lot more good than it did for me.  There was NOTHING natural about these milk duds and all of the things I tried to do to get them to stop producing powdered milk.

Apparently it is quite intriguing because she's still down there reading away.  It's been a half hour.  What I take away from this is 1. My child is a nut.  and 2.  Read, read read!  It doesn't matter what (obviously), just READ.

Until the next time she cracks me up.  Which will be tonight. :)