Thursday, May 23, 2013


Ever since Zoey was born, I have not taken any time out for myself.  None.  I have worked overtime, I have busted my butt here at the house, I have done everything except for take care of this big ole body of mine.

Oh there were moments when I figured I would give exercise/eating right a try, but two weeks later (almost to the day) I would go back to the same old pattern, the same old way of life.  I made every excuse in under the sun to validate my reasons for not eating like I should and not getting off the couch.

Through MANY long talks with "my person," I believe I finally have it.  I now know that Kate Carbohydrate Lover is not my real name.  I also know that it is NOT HARD to schedule 30-45 minutes for nothing but straight up exercise, busting your buns time.  I am officially addicted.  At the end of next week, I will be a month in to Insanity, the workout videos you see all over the tv.  Trust me, they work.  You are going to HATE them and Shaun T in the middle of the workout but at the end when you have taken your body to it's physical limits, you are going to LOVE the feeling from doing that.

NOW, mind you - I have signed up for a 5K.  I swore I would never ever run.  Unless someone was chasing me, and then I would decide if it was worth it or not.  I know right now that I am NOT going to be able to run the entire thing.  I probably won't get through a mile at first!  But my only goal in this race is to start running, and go over that finish line running.  I already plan to sign up for another, and another and another until one day, I finish that 5K in it's entirety running.

This means SO much more to me than just a Saturday run.  This means that I am FINALLY getting it.  I am FINALLY getting the idea that I'm worth it.  It sounds so cliche, but I swear to you all, I felt I wasn't.  For whatever reasons, small or deep, I didn't feel like taking out time for me was worth it.  It is.  I am awake, alive, and absolutely loving the new me. Physically and mentally.  I know I have a long way to go too, I'm not looking through rose-colored glasses.  There will be days that will be worse than others, we're human.  That's okay.

A that is just crazy. :)